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Hall History
Council Commends Muirhead And Birkhill Community Sidlaw councillor Frank Ellis has paid tribute to the people of Muirhead and Birkhill on their successful campaign to raise £450,000 for a new community hall (official ground-breaking ceremony Saturday 12 January).
Angus Council contributed £50,000 to the project and Councillor Ellis praised all those involved in the fundraising saying: "The hall committee has worked tirelessly on this ambitious but most welcome project and I would commended every member of the Muirhead and Birkhill community for their support of the many and varied fundraising events.
"The council has been working closely with the community over the past few years and everyone involved is delighted to see the dream become reality. When completed the new hall will provide valuable community and sports facilities for Sidlaw residents.
"The Council’s contribution to the Muirhead and Birkhill venture is the latest investment in a programme to revitalise village halls in Angus. In the past four years around £2.75M has been invested in the improvement and redevelopment of Angus' village halls, with just under £0.25M being contributed by Angus Council. As a result of this sustained investment we are now seeing increased usage of these important community resources."

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