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Thank you for your interest in hiring the Millennium Hall. Here are a few details you will need for your hire.



Cost £30 per hour

Deposit of £30 must be made within one week to hold a booking. This can be made by cash or bank transfer 

Details of bank are:

Muirhead & Birkhill Millennium Hall


Acc- 00252496

Sort- 83-18-34


Balance can be by BACS the day before or in cash on the day of hire.


You will be either met on the day of your hall hire by one of the 3 committee members or be given instructions to collect a key from our key box 


On Arrival:-

Please familiarise yourself with the halls fire exits in the main hall, stage, and down both toilet corridors 


On entering the hall, depending on the time of year, you may wish to put the heating on, as soon as possible! This can be done by accessing the plant room, through the kitchen, past the refuse bins. The heating unit is on your right hand side. Press the white button on the left hand side of the clock unit, a green light should come on with an audible click. 

This will heat up the main halls overhead heaters for one hour. Simply press the button again for another hour of heat. To switch off, simply press the button again. 



Measuring approx. 18m x 9m

Tables and chairs are kept in the 3rd set of double doors on the left of the hall. Please replace as you find. There is a picture on the doors to aid you. 

There is a 2 wheeled trolley to move the chairs and the whole table stacker can be moved into the hall. 

There are 

124 chairs

18 tables (180cm x 63cm)

The hall has a stage, please mention if you’d like the stage doors opened or closed for your hire.

The hall has patio doors leading to a small fenced-in patio and grassy area. These are kept locked. The key is on the right hand roller key. Security rollers may be opened by turning the keys, but please do close at the end of your hire




You may decorate the hall for your function, please use sellotape or blue tac do not use pins If you decorate the hall, please take home or bin all your decorations, unless you have made other arrangements with the hall committee. 


Please leave the hall as you find it, for the next users. The first cupboard on the left is our cleaning cupboard, brushes, bin bags etc can be found in there. 



Use of the well equipped kitchen is included in your hire. 

Cooker- to use the ovens switch the cooker switch on, set the time for ANY time, then switch on oven. 

Dishwasher- instructions are on the wall

Fridge freezer

2 x wall urns, these are best turned on early if you need boiling water. There are also 2 x kettles

Crockery & cutlery - you are free to use anything in an unlabelled & unlocked cupboard - these must be washed and returned to the cupboard.

There are 2 roller openers allowing access to a hatch from vestibule to kitchen and kitchen to main hall



Tom Brown Room:-

Measuring approx. 4.5m x 7.5m this room can be used for small meetings . It contains

2 small tables and

36 chairs

Please leave as you find it




Measuring approx. 4.5m x 9.5m

When Stage doors are closed this can be used as another room. Please do not attempt to move the stage doors without instruction, they are heavy and require a certain knack!




Please ensure

You have tidied up, leaving the hall in the state you found it.

All fire doors are properly shut

Rollers on patio doors are down

Patio doors are locked

Taps in toilets are all off

All lights are switched off

You take all your belongings with you


Then lock the front door and leave the key in the letterbox at the right hand side of the front door

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